Blossom Hotel & Resort – the most Beautiful Resort in Kausani

A Superior Hotel

Started with the concept of camps way back in 1997, the Blossom Hotel & Resort Kasauni has come a long way since its inception. Today, Blossom Hotel Kausani stands as a cluster of rooms, huts and cottages providing panoramic beauty of the ice-peaks from this natural floral resort. A beautiful Kausani Hotel “Blossom”, laden with colourful flowers, shrubs and hill lemon, peach and plum trees is a heaven of delight in Kausani when it is blossoming time.

Kausani – Switzerland of India

Kausani is located in the Kumaon Region of Uttarakhand. Situated atop a narrow ridge, at 6075 feet Kausani stands high at an altitude of 1890 metres above sea level. Kausani is famous for its panoramic views of enchanting Himalayas Gandhi Ji was so much impressed by beauty of Kausani that they called it “Switzerland of India”. Mahatma Gandhi, during his stay at Kausani, penned his memorable commentary on the ‘Gita-Anashakti Yoga‘ ‘Anashakti Ashram‘.

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